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Tantric Beauty Salon

Regain Your Confidence & 

Covid-19 Info

We are OPEN and deliver confidential mobile tantric treatments in London 24/7. The beautician arrives on time in your chosen arrival outfit. Read more about how we protect your public image below. In order to help you relax and release ‘social distancing stress’ better, we add Extra 30 Min to every treatment completely FREE. You will orgasm not just once! Book Now and Get Ready. 

How We Care About You

Having Your beauty treatment delivered at your place may not get unnoticed. On our side, we always do our best to ensure confidentiality and protect your reputation. Some clients prefer to have their treatment delivered in a hotel room as it provides the most freedom and anonymity, others prefer to have it at home where they feel the most comfortable vocally, intimately and emotionally. The beautician is very discreet and some of our clients receive frequent treatments even in their rooms in a shared accommodation. 

Usually the beautician arrives on time. Rarely, if he is going to be late, he will keep you updated via WhatsApp. In order to blend better in your local environment, you may choose his arrival outfit: suit & tie, smart casual or fitness look. If needs be, in unexpected social situation the beautician can act as your friend, work colleague or a new boyfriend, depending on what you prefer. Some clients like to take the beautician to a dinner before returning to their place for the treatment. If you meet by chance somewhere in London without agreed treatment, he will simply ignore you and will not start a conversation with you first.

Depending on your level of confidence and personal preference, treatments can be delivered clothed, minimally clothed or unclothed as well as they can be performed in full light, dimmed light, candle light or in total darkness. Darker settings usually make clients feel at ease better, remove any inner-barriers you might have had in mind before and better encourage to open up on exploring intimacy and trying new things. For your comfort, on arrival the beautician can take shower at your place and use a face mask and non-latex gloves during the treatment.

Contrary to common beliefs, we don’t encourage, expect or require you to have sex with the beautician. It is not necessary. The beautician is there for you, to give pleasure to you. He will focus on stimulating you and providing your best intimate experience and not on his own satisfaction. If deep inside you are a giver and it adds to the degree of your pleasure, you may touch your beautician and reciprocate to your satisfaction. Many women prefer to simply lie down and just focus on receiving pleasure.

The beautician is very experienced and you will orgasm not just once. He does not rush and will stimulate you patiently to ensure that you get really ready to escalate your experience. All our clients experience those beautiful profuse unstoppable orgasms that just keep coming and coming. And they get better and deeper with every treatment. The beautician gets sexual offers from women on daily basis, so you can feel very safe with him, he is not coming to use you or abuse. Our clients like spending their free time with him a lot. You will too.

If you are into BDSM or want to try it, you can be tied and dominated. It is not for everyone though. In case you feel unbearably uncomfortable, there will be a safe word you can use anytime. Once the safe word is used, it will automatically stop the whole treatment, you will be untied and the beautician will place himself at least 1m from you. You are in safe hands.

Get Your Intimacy Back

Busy stressful work and single lifestyle cause millions of women worldwide to lose sexual confidence, neglect their intimate life, limit their own pleasure and feel like they are missing out. Some try to date but they keep meeting guys who only focus on own satisfaction. As result, although often very successful on the outside, deep inside they feel used, unhappy. unfulfilled and deeply unsatisfied with their intimate life. Long term it causes inner blockages, emotional dysfunctions and deterioration of unused sexual organs. 

Our Tantric Beauty Salon helps women who visit and live in London rebuild themselves intimately, regain confidence, replace bitterness with overflowing happiness, get more experienced and open themselves up again to successful fulfilled relationships. Our treatments work because they combine classic beauty treatments with tantric massages, yoni massages and light affectionate stimulations. In addition to classic beauty results, our treatments reach deep into the subconscious, activate rapid production of hormones of happiness, provide multiple profuse orgasms and give this beautiful skin glow every woman desires. With us you can get beautiful and heal your inner-self at the same time. Book your treatment and help yourself today.

Available Base Massages: Swedish relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue, detoxifying lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite exfoliation. With your consent, you can combine them with tantric elements like cuddling, holding hands, looking into each other eyes, close bodily contact, snuggling inside safe arms, being kissed i.e on your neck or chick, having your skin sensually caressed, breast firming stimulations and full body yoni massages. All treatments are ethical, promote professional practice, decency, dignity and focus on holistic pleasure and healing. 

So, what about your intimate life, your inner-beauty? Do you want it active and happy and sparkling and make the most of it without the need of having sexual partner? Get in touch and let’s get you happy again.


The Finest Of Yoni Massage





Revitalising, anti-ageing yoni massage that focuses on beauty results. Includes lymphatic drainage and breast firming massages. Effectively removes stress, inner-tensions and toxins from the body. Guaranteed beautiful skin glow and blushing happy memories. Simply lie down and enjoy receiving.


The Finest Of Healing Touch





Holistic, tantric yoni massage highly enhancing inner-beauty. Enjoy healing meaningful touch, full body contact, favourite hugs, snuggling, cuddling, and much more. Gives emotional balance, super confidence, amazing skin glow and beautiful memories. Guaranteed great time. 


Keep Your Pleasures Comming





Pleasure is for people and our yoni massages provide the most wonderful of all pleasures. With our night time offers you can enjoy multiple extended yoni treatments, undivided attention on satisfying your needs and truly great time in London. Efficient, cost effective and very memorable. 


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Anything For Kids

There are three growing kids under 10 and their mum who really struggle financially. Their father passed away suddenly due to cancer in 2019, then she was mugged and suffered a concussion and now the pandemic. I help them as much as I can, but I also support my elderly parents and have mortgage to pay. I’m not enough financially for the 7 of us, so I’m looking for someone kind and generous who can help them too.

Make A Wish & I’ll Make It Happen

I’ll do anything you wish for your donation for them. Simply let me know your wish and how much you will donate and I’ll do it. It can be a task to complete, your most secret desire, or anything really for your business, at your home or anywhere for you personally. All donations and tips go to them, to provide for their now, future and dreams. For me is the satisfaction of getting to know you, an amazing woman with beautiful soul, spending quality time together and seeing you happy and satisfied. So, be generous. Book your preferred service, enjoy your pleasures, tip me well and donate extra if you can.